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Faces of Open Primaries: Kevin Glover

Posted by Kellie Ryan on December 17, 2015 at 5:24 PM

Faces of Open Primaries: Kevin Glover


The work that Open Primaries is doing in Arizona is crucial for our citizens. From our efforts to open the Arizona Presidential Primaries to Independent voters, to our efforts pushing the top two system for our statewide and Congressional elections.

I have heard some very great responses from people with various political persuasions that it is time for the people to have power over the parties when it comes to electing our leaders and that nominees for various political offices are accountable to all of us.

As a canvasser, it has been an exciting experience hearing people express how our electoral process needs structural change and must not restrain people.

As far as picking our next President is concerned, the most consistent response from people is that everybody should have access to any ballot they choose regardless of party affiliation or the lack thereof; because it is their right as Americans.