Open the 2016 Presidential Primary - Open Primaries Arizona
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Open the 2016 Presidential Primary

Let All Arizonans Vote!

Right now in Arizona, 37% of voters are independent and are completely shut out of the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries. That means that more than one-third of Arizonans are currently being denied the right to decide which presidential contenders make the cut. That’s bad for Arizona and bad for America. 

It's time to let all voters vote. The Democratic and Republican Parties have the power to change the rules and let all independents participate in choosing our country’s leader. That’s basic democracy.

The Democratic Party Platform even says it - “The Arizona Democratic Party is a big-tent party. We welcome the support of Independent voters and we are committed to keeping our primary elections open to Independent voters."  

Take action now.  Tell the leaders of both parties to end the lockout of 37% of Arizona citizens from participating fully in the process of choosing our next president.